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What we do

IBI Design Explorer

Quantum is an R&D incubator within IBI Group which enables us to collaborate with teams, industry partners and clients in a more integrative fashion and help define the cities of tomorrow. We utilize algorithms and computational design tools that allow us to define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response. Quantum attempts to integrate the design knowledge within IBI and tranlate it into computational methods that have the capacity to combine and process complex data sets. Via this approach we can tailor parametric design workflows that address problems that vary from building to urban scale, which enable us to generate and evaluate multiple alternativs and therefore provide informed decision making to our collaborators.

This is a page where we host some examples of parametric design and design data visualization tools that we are currently developing.

Quantum is a corporate service within IBI Group

Design Explorer Platform

Design Explorer is a tool for exploring multi-dimensional parametric studies! This platform allows our design teams to quickly view, filter and rank different design alternatives based on key values defined by the designers, clients and stakeholders. By following a computational design process within the Rhinoceros 3d & Grasshopper environment we export design data as a structured csv.file along with images and 3d files which we are then uploaded on the cloud and are made accesible via this page

IBI Web-Based Design Toolkit

A series of parametric design tools that operate on the cloud and enable the engagement of our clients and stakeholders in the design process through the use of interactive configurators

ArcGIS Story Maps

This is a Works in porgress project which looks into developing an interactive map in order to better explain the specific aspects of projects that deal with planning and placemaking. This is a test case study developed for the area of Washington DC and examines the impact of different public transportation lines on land development.


Interested in learning more about our work and discuss possible ways we can collaborate and assist your design team by developing a computational solution?

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